Jackson Campus Staff

Pastor Eddie Cupples is responsible to capture, carry, and communicate the vision for the future of our church.  His main priority is to bring life-changing messages to people, as a way to change lives to change the world.  He ensures that the church encounters God, and is taken to the next level.  He is the Lead Pastor and vision-caster for Love and Truth Church, Jackson.  He serves as the Overseer for all Love and Truth campuses, both domestic and abroad, and is the President of Love and Truth Church International, Inc. ltjchurch@hotmail.com

Pastor Sherri Cupples serves as the Missions Director.  She is responsible for all compassion activities, locally, across the United States, and abroad.  Local outreach opportunities that she supervises include serving the homeless in our city, as well as volunteering monthly in a local soup kitchen.  Global outreaches to Love and Truth projects in Kenya, Uganda, the Philippines, and Belize are also included in her department.  She leads group mission trips across the world, which are open to Love and Truth Church members.  These trips often include conferences, crusades, compassion outreaches, construction, and pastoral training. ltjchurch@hotmail.comurch.com

Pastor Philip Tabler fulfills the responsibilities of Worship Pastor. He leads the people into God’s presence every service through dynamic praise and worship. He leads and manages a team of musicians and singers to not only play with excellence, but with the passion to bring glory to God. He trains and practices with his teams weekly, and teaches songs, and instrumentation. He makes it a point to pour into others, and raise up leaders for the next generation. His gifts and abilities give way for mentoring others for the kingdom. ptabler@loveandtruthchurch.com

Pastor Joanna Tabler is the Children’s Pastor.  She oversees the following children’s departments: birth (nursery), preschool, elementary, pre-teens (5th and 6th grades), and a special needs ministry. Her departments provide a very safe, secure, and comfortable atmosphere for children to learn about God’s Word. Her teachers/coordinators are trained, qualified, and ready to impact these children for Christ. She is the coordinator for yearly events such as Kid’s Camp, Fall Fest, and our Christmas programs.  She loves to teach children the principles of God and watch them grow and become established in a relationship with Christ.  pastorjoanna@loveandtruthchurch.com


Pastor Brad Williams has the responsibility as our Creative Production Director.  He is to oversee every aspect of audio/video production, reproduction, and distribution.  He coordinates all the production efforts of video editing, distribution to video venues, and our contracts with TV stations.  He recruits and trains volunteers to assist in the fulfillment of the purposes and goals of the audio/video/lighting aspects of the worship experience.  He makes sure that the “lighting” processes for both the auditorium and the stage help develop an atmosphere of worship.  He’s also responsible for the Ministry website and provides IT support to the ministry. bradwilliams@loveandtruthchurch.com

Pastor Todd Miller serves as the Connection Pastor.  He oversees the Growth Track classes that serve as a catalyst to membership, involvement in ministry, and growth as a disciple in Jesus Christ. He is also a part of the team that leads Love and Truth University.  Pastor Todd loves connecting people to the body of Christ here at Love and Truth as we fulfill the 20/20 Vision God has laid out for us. toddmiller@loveandtruthchurch.com

Pastor Steven Moore  serves as the Next Generation Pastor. In today's culture those within the 18 to 30 something age bracket are absent from most of America's churches, leaving a void in the church and in their lives. It is during this time you are making important life decisions. Most are making these decisions without without the influence of Jesus Christ or the Church. It is also during this time that you have great potential to greatly impact the Kingdom of God. He and his wife are passionate about coming along side this generation, helping you grow closer to Jesus and realize the gift and power you have been given through Him.