Love and Truth Belize is an ongoing project, with many facets.  A few years ago, we purchased 50 acres in a beautiful tropical area of the Cayo District.  We have partially developed the land there, and are waiting on God’s direction for future ministry plans. 

We also have an acre and a little house in a small poor village called Duck Run #3, where we have ministered for about three years now.  There is a school there called Hidden Paradise that we as a church “adopted” 5 years ago and have helped them to remodel their entire facility, as well as brought in school supplies, done an after school program, etc.  Grant and Ashlee Dew were our first missionaries to live full time in Belize and they lived in our house in Duck Run #3, working with the families there as well as the school children.  They did much to establish a good rapport between Love and Truth Ministries and the village.

In July of 2015, we sent another couple and their son to Belize as missionaries.  They are Thomas and Jaime Brown, and Trey.  We are excited as they fell in love with the country the first time they went.  They have both been on several trips to Belize with church teams and each time, their hearts were drawn a little more down there, and less in the United States, and finally their dream of going full time was fulfilled.  They worked closely with families in the village and surrounding areas, ministering in a variety of ways. They were very involved with our Hidden Paradise school as well, and served in many ways in a local church in the Spanish Lookout area. As of July 2017, they have come home to Tennessee to rest, recuperate, and seek God about direction for their future.

 Meanwhile, we continue to work on the building on the 50 acre site, preparing it for whatever God has. The fulfillment of our work in Belize is yet to be seen.  We are open to whatever God leads.  It’s a beautiful country with beautiful souls, and we are expecting a great harvest.


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