Partnering with Parent’s/Guardian’s to establish children in the truth of God. Through age appropriate presentations of the Gospel, we introduce the kids to their King and Maker. We incorporate pumped, energetic, and kid-friendly songs to encourage the kids to worship with us.
Through object lessons (visual learning), lesson related games (hands-on learning), teaching (auditory learning), we challenge the kids to use their senses to come to know God personally. We strive to teach the kids in ways that they will learn best and be most reactive to. We have small group sessions where the kids are broken up per age group and involved in the lesson in a way that speaks directly to their age and stage.
Through power in demonstration we show the kids what it is to pray, worship, and live a life after and for Jesus Christ.One thing that we strive to do more than anything else in LTK is to introduce the kids to their lifetime Best Friend and allow that relationship to flourish.



We don't believe our teenagers are the church of tomorrow, but for today. Our vision of "Changing Lives to Change Our World", is not just for the adults in our church. We believe every student has the potential and ability to change lives in the world around them. Our leadership team is committed to helping them take the first or next steps in their walk with Jesus Christ, serving in their church, and in the community. Each week ,across all our campuses, LTY meets to encourage teenagers through worship that's inspiring, a message that's challenging, and relationships that are life giving.

Service Times: Wednesday Nights at 7 pm in Auditorium B.