10 churches planted

Our desire is to raise up churches in the surrounding areas of present Love and Truth churches. The purpose is to provide life changing congregations that are impacting people's lives. This will be done by equipping church planting teams to begin new churches.

100 ministers trained

Our hope is to equip and train at least one hundred people who are called into the five-fold ministry. This will be done in a multitude of ways but primarily through Love and Truth University, which is a program that will give people both knowledge and experience for placement in Kingdom ministry.

1000 people sent

Our goal is to "be witnesses in the whole world". To do that, we want to see at least a thousand people go on short term missionary trips. We also desire to send full time missionaries to Belize as well as other parts of the world.

1,000's trained & activated

Our plan is to equip thousands of believers in Love and Truth churches through our Growth Track. They will be given the tools to become everything God wants them to be. We strongly believe that all Christians are to be actively serving in the kingdom of God.

10,000 lost saved

Our belief is that people who don't know Jesus Christ as their Savior are lost. Our mandate is to proclaim salvation to those who do not have a relationship with Him, and to give them the opportunity to change the direction of their lives.

100,000 hear gospel

Our passion is to make Jesus known to as many people as possible. To do that, we want to use every means possible ( i.e. print, radio, t.v., internet, international crusades, etc.) so that people near and far can know about Jesus Christ, and we can plant seeds in their lives for salvation.

1,000,000's dollars released

Our purpose is to "redeem the time for the days are evil”. Knowing that biblically, and understanding, that "time is money", we want to release millions into the kingdom so that lives around the world can be redeemed.